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For Sale

Málaga Centro Middle Floor Apartment
Middle Floor Apartment, Málaga 7mn historic Centre, Costa del Sol. 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Built 84 m². Setting : Town. Condition : Excellent, Recently Renovated. Features : Lift, Fitted Wardrobes, Near Transport, Double Glazing. Furniture ... Read More
Málaga Este Middle Floor Apartment
Middle Floor Apartment, Málaga East 4 mn from the beach, Costa del Sol. 2.5 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Built 70 m². Setting : Town, Close To Sea. Condition : Excellent. Features : Lift, Fitted Wardrobes, Near Transport. Kitchen : Fully Fitted. ... Read More
El Pinillo Middle Floor Apartment
An excellent centally located town centre apartment walking distance to El pinillo trainstation as well as walking distance to the centre of Arroyo de la Miel Torremolinos towncentre is just one stop on the train or can be walked to easily ... Read More
Puerto Banús Ground Floor Apartment
Gorgeous just renovated apartment in a prestigious frontline beach urbanisation in Puerto Banus! A spacious 3 bedroom-3 bathroom apartment (2 bathrooms ensuite), open kitchen, south-west facing terrace with direct access to the beautiful c ... Read More
Nueva Andalucía Townhouse
- TOWNHOUSE FOR SALE - Beautiful townhouse in a low-density Andalusian architecture complex with wooden balconies, small pools for each group of houses, cobbled streets and the smell of orange trees. It is located in the eastern part of Nue ... Read More
Riviera del Sol Middle Floor Apartment
Nice and cozy apartment with beautiful views of the sea, and a large terrace where you can enjoy all year round since it has lumon curtains, which give the possibility of fully opening the terrace or closing it in winter taking advantage of ... Read More
The Golden Mile Residential Plot
This magnificent plot is located in one of the best areas of the Golden Mile. It has 3.539m2. The land is divided into 2 independent plots. There are building permits. BUILDING REGULATIONS 22% (UE4) ... Read More
Montemar Townhouse
Two-storey semi-detached house in a gated community of 9 neighbors with gardens and swimming pool. On the ground floor, living room with fireplace, large independent kitchen with granite countertops, toilet and 50-meter patio with awning an ... Read More

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Featured Properties

Fuengirola Middle Floor Apartment
Marbella Middle Floor Apartment
Torreblanca Ground Floor Apartment

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