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For Sale

Estepona Penthouse
Stunning FRONTLINE BEACH duplex penthouse for sale in Estepona. Located in a residential complex consisting of three bedrooms with spectacular views towards the Mediterranean Sea, African mountains and Gibraltar. The apartment has been buil ... Read More
Nueva Andalucía Ground Floor Apartment
Beautiful residential complex of spacious luxury apartments and duplexes built to the highest of standards located in one of the best areas of Nueva Andalucia with spectacular views all the way to the coast and the surrounding golf courses. ... Read More
Nueva Andalucía Penthouse
Extraordinary duplex penthouse for sale in Nueva Andalucia. Situated in an exclusive urbanisation overlooking a beautiful golf course, the mountains and with parcial sea views. The community is very well kept and enjoys immaculate gardens, ... Read More
El Paraiso Residential Plot
REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE FROM 2,200,000 EUROS, AS PLANNING APPROVAL IS TIED UP IN THE NEW ESTEPONA PGOU - PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION Exciting plot for potential development in El Paraiso Medio - nothing else like it in the area. Walking ... Read More
San Roque Detached Villa
Very large villa in the prestigious San Roque Club estate, with easy access to all the facilities (Japanese, Italian restaurants, 2 championship golf courses). Built in 1992 with fabulous views to the 10th fairway and beyond to the sea. Thi ... Read More
Mijas Costa Detached Villa
Huge villa build in Andalusian styled with an indoor patio. Consist 4 beds, 4 bath, kitchen, 2 lounges and big terraces. Possible to build the basement to a garage or more bedrooms. Very nice and quiet place which do need some upgrading to ... Read More
Cártama Finca - Cortijo
Unique 150 years old mill situated in a small village 25 min. from Malaga Airport. Excellent view to the mountains and with walking distance to the centre of the village. This superb mill has been renovated in the spirit and respect of the ... Read More
San Roque Semi-Detached House
Magnificent detached villa in San Roque Club close to the golf course and equestrian centre, built to high standard with quality finishing. Good location in one of the most prestigious golf courses in this area.This property offer 4 bedroom ... Read More

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Featured Properties

Casares Pueblo Ground Floor Apartment
Nueva Andalucía Ground Floor Apartment
Istán Townhouse

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