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For Sale

Benavista Top Floor Apartment
A tastefully furnished top floor apartment, which also has a large roof top terrace, The property has 2 Beds, 2 Bathrooms, Fitted Kitchen, Living/Dining Area. The property is fully equipped and offers a lovely terrace off the lounge for out ... Read More
Mijas Costa Middle Floor Apartment
Originally listed for 270.000€ and recently reduced to 199,000€. Centrally located 3 bedroom apartment in a residential part of Fuengirola with communal swimming pool in the centre of the complex. The local shops and amenities are all with ... Read More
El Paraiso Detached Villa
Situated very close to the beach, just a few metres away and close to all kind of amenities like restaurants, shops, supermarkets, bars,etc. This lovely house is totally renovated to high standards with a charming mix of contemporary-rustic ... Read More
Nueva Andalucía Townhouse
Charming townhouse for sale situated high above Nueva Andalucía, Marbella. Offering fabulous views towards the sea, valley and mountains, the main features include private garden of 90 m², spacious terrace and roof terrace, fully fitted kit ... Read More
Estepona Finca - Cortijo
This is a beautiful traditional Andalucian Cortijo, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms built to the highest standards throught. The lounge features a vaulted ceiling and has a staircase leading to a gallery and the upper floor . A large courtyard ... Read More
Estepona Detached Villa
This villa is about a seven-minute drive from the town of Estepona and the town of Sabinillas. It is in a popular area known as “Buenas Noches”. This is an established area mainly made up of good sized villas on private plots. As you ent ... Read More
Istán Detached Villa
This new villa occupies a fabulous mountainside position and enjoys seclusion and privacy. The property offers 4 bedroom suites, two reception rooms and a lovely modern equipped kitchen with central isle. On the upper floor, there is a m ... Read More
Mijas Land
Beautiful plots near the lovely white village of Mijas. Various building plots available, most of them 600m2 with prices varying from 99.000 Euro to 145.800 Euro; 40% can be built. One nice plot of 2440m2 for 128.700 Euro, with 25% that can ... Read More

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Featured Properties

La Carihuela Ground Floor Apartment
Málaga Penthouse
Puerto Banús Penthouse

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